Completed Studies

For more information on studies completed since 2007 that are listed on the National Institutes of Health's website, please click on the study title below to view the study's listing. 

Additional completed studies conducted prior to 2006 that do not qualify for entry into are also listed below (no hyperlink available).

Studies completed prior to 2007 not included in include the following:

  • A phase I, randomized, controlled, dosage-escalation trial to evaluate the immunogenicity, safety, and reactogenicity of an adenovirus type 35 based circumsporozoite malaria vaccine in healthy adults 18 to 45 years of age. (DMID 05-0050)” (Sponsor: NIH-DMID (VTEU)
  • U19 Year 5: Phase IV, Comparison of Clonal B-cell Responses to Trivalent Inactivated Influenza Vaccine (TIV) in Elderly Adults 70-80 Years of Age and Young Adults 18-30 Years of Age, with Generation of Human Recombinant Monoclonal Antibodies (DMID 07-0048) (Sponsor: NIH-CCHI U19)
  • U19 Year 5: Phase IV, Comparison of the CD4 T-Cell Immune Response to Inactivated Influenza Vaccine in Children 5-9 Years of Age versus Adults 18-49 Years of Age (SLVP014) (Sponsor: NIH-CCHI U19)
  • Live Vaccines In Children with DiGeorge Syndrome. (Sponsor: CDC/AHIP-CISA)
  • Phase IV, Pilot Study to Demonstrate the Feasibility of Measuring Rotavirus Shedding after Administration of Rotavirus Vaccine to Premature Infants. (Sponsor: CDC/AHIP-CISA)
  • An Estimate of the Relative Incidence of Encephalitis Following Vaccination: A Self-Controlled Case Series of Analysis of the Pediatric Cases Within the California Encephalitis Project (CEP) (Sponsor: CDC/AHIP-CISA) 7. CNS VZV Reactivation Study Using CEP Database. (Sponsor: CDC/AHIP-CISA)
  • Genetic of Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS): Investigation of Vaccine-Associated and Non-vaccine Associated GBS. (Sponsor: CDC/AHIP-CISA)
  • A Phase II Study in Healthy Adult and Elderly Populations to Assess the Safety and Immunogenicity of a Sanofi Pasteur H1N1 Influenza Vaccine Administered at Different Dose Levels Given With and Without GlaxoSmithKline AS03 Adjuvant (DMID 09-0058)(NIH-DMID, VTEU)
  • Retrospective Review of Extrinsic Factors Associated with Changes in Clinical Status of Patients with Mitochondrial Disorders. (Sponsor: CDC/AHIP-CISA)
  • Phase IV, Immune Responses to Influenza-Like Illness (SLVP022 ) (Sponsor: NIH-U19 HIPC and CCHI)
  • Phase I, VRC 703, An Open-Label, Randomized Phase 1b Study of the Safety and Immunogenicity of Prime-Boost Regimens Using Investigational Seasonal Influenza DNA Vaccine (HA DNA), Trivalent Inactivated Vaccine (TIV) and TIV with MF59 Adjuvant (ATIV) in Healthy Adults Ages 18-70 Years. (Sponsor: EMMES -NIH VRC prime)
  • Phase IV, Exploration of the Biologic Basis for Underperformance of Oral Polio and Rotavirus Vaccines in Bangladesh study. (Under MPP study: Measurement of Rotavirus Vaccine-Induced Immune Responses) (SLVP027)
  • Phase I, Collection of Nasal Swabs for Molecular Diagnostic Testing of Influenza A/B (Sponsor: Diassess)