Utz Lab Pictures

The White Board, 2018

Fall 2022

Halloween, 2022

Some people think the scariest Halloween picture this year is the one of PJ with the jacket on.

May, 2022

Utz Lab Party

December 2017

Burcu's farewell party - back to chilly Sweden!

October 2017

Utz Lab Dinner

Spring 2013

Utz Lab Hike, Miramontes Ridge overlooking Half Moon Bay

August 2013

Utz lab graduate student reunion
July 2012

Former grad students and their families (front row left to right): Michael Wong, Steven Chan, Regina Cheung, Angela Landrigan, Donna Thibault Flesher. (back row left to right): Michael Kattah, Nicole Kattah, Nathan Flesher (PJ was on his thesis committee...), and Kareem Graham.

Summer 2011

Back row (from left): Rohit Gupta, Mike Wong, Jordan Price, PJ Utz, Chih Long Liu, Mel Balboni, Wedge Cheung.

Front row (same order): Cindy Limb, Sarah Kongpachith, Jessica Ye, Gloria Yiu, Robin Castel Navarro, Jamie Haddon, Justin Jarrell, Stephanie Tangsombatvisit, Jake Rosenberg


The Lab Hike

Russian Ridge, 2011

Utz Lab

circa 2005

Front Row (from left): Jessie Tenenbaum, Peggy Ho, Monica Vázquez del Mercado, Mel Balboni, Shenru Zhao, Cindy Limb

Back Row (same order): Steve Chan, P.J. Utz, Joe Mollick, Donna Thibault, Mike Kattah, Kareem Graham.

The Lab Hike

Big Basin, 2005

The Infamous Fruit Basket

If you have to ask, then we can't tell you.

Utz Lab Dinner

Fall 2003

From left: Front row: Jessie Tenenbaum, Mel Balboni, Lowen Lee.

Second Row: Cindy Limb, Janelle Kime.

Third Row: Donna Thibault, Kareem Graham, PJ Utz, Ashley Utz, Heidrun Utz, Shenru Zhao, Steven Chan, Naiyi Sun Top Row: Oliver (whose dad was looking all over for him until he saw this picture).

Oliver ponders what kind of mischief he should do when he gets home as PJ discusses how microarray technology will help physicians better treat patients with lupus in selecting a treatment regiment based on the antigens that the patient's B-cells recognize.

(Click Here For More Dinner Photos)

Utz lab in Asilomar for the Immunology Retreat


From left: Truc Le, Derek Fong, Kareem Graham, Katerina Drouvalakis, Carla DiGennaro, PJ Utz, Mak Kamachi and Wolfgang Hueber

Visiting the San Diego Zoo

Katerina Drouvalakis, Carla DiGennaro and Wolfgang Hueber

Lab Hike at Big Basin


From left: Faraaz Chekeni, Truc Le, Makoto Kamachi, Jenny Tsui, Carla DiGennaro, PJ Utz and Wolfgang Hueber

Carla, PJ, Truc and Mak (fail to) learn to read a topographic map

Explaining the Next Generation "5-Million-Feature" Chip

The real next generation seems more interested in what is on the stroller

Not Impressed (Yet!)

Oliver laughing at his father.