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MR-US Fusion Biopsy Database

In partnership with Stanford Healthcare's Targeted Prostate Biopsy Program, the Urologic Cancer Innovation Lab builds and maintains an extensive database including clinical, radiological and pathological data in men undergoing MRI, targeted biopsy, prostatectomy, and focal therapy. This database is critical to clinical quality improvement initiatives and provides a key resource for research in biomedical informatics, artificial intelligence and natural language processing


Machine Learning and Medical Image Processing

The Urologic Cancer Innovation Lab leverages our extensive dataset of clinical information, radiologic images, and digital pathology images to build tools using artificial intelligence to improve detection and treatment of prostate cancer. We collaborate with Industry Partners and Computer Scientists and Electrical Engineers from Stanford to build machine learning based algorithms to classify prostate cancer risk using radiology and pathology images.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound for Prostate Cancer

Supporting Stanford's High Intensity Focused Ultrasound for Prostate Cancer program, the Urologic Cancer Innovation Lab along with Industry Partners seek to design the next generation of prostate cancer software tools to assist in patient selection and treatment planning to maximize cancer control while minimizing side effects.


Digital Health Tools for Patient Outcomes Tracking

The Urologic Cancer Innovation Lab is developing Digital Health tools to automatically track patient outcomes in men being evaluated for prostate cancer and provide feedback to radiologists and surgeons for quality improvement. This includes men undergoing MRI, prostatectomy or focal therapy.

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