Core courses are defined as the MD required curriculum plus the one graduate course required of (almost) all graduate students. Core Courses are funded at the full cost of putting on the course. Funding for faculty effort goes directly to the department of the course director, while the remaining budget (Teaching Assistants, syllabi, supplies, etc.) is charged to accounts within Educational Programs & Services.


Non-Core teaching is all teaching that is not core or undergraduate. It includes all non-core MD or Graduate courses and individual study. Examples include elective clerkships, thesis & dissertation, graduate program courses, medical scholars, etc.

Non-Core Courses are funded on a student unit basis, with a reduced rate after the first 105 units, and an additional scaled supplement for =>3-credit courses with total student units between 15 and 90. Use the course funding calculator to estimate course funding.

Most Cross-listed courses are non-core courses.  Enrollment for cross listed course sections will be summed and evaluated as if one course.

Funding goes directly to the department(s) of listed course directors.


The University funds undergraduate teaching effort by School of Medicine faculty through their formula. The School then passes this funding at 55% of the total received to the departments of the course directors. As a general rule $358 per student unit provides a reasonable estimate of what undergraduate teaching will generate.