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Personal Perspective in Career and Medicine Series

Featured speakers:

  • 03/04/2014
    Paul Berg, PhD
    Professor Emeritus, Biochemistry
    Nobel Prize (Chemistry) 1980
  • 10/24/2014
    Brian Kobilka, MD
    Helen Irwin Fagan Chair in Cardiology
    Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, and by courtesy, of Chemical and Systems Biology
    Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2012
  • 12/18/2014
    Irving Weissman, MD
    Virginia & DK Ludwig Professor for Clinical Investigation in Cancer Research
    Professor of Developmental Biology &, by courtesy, of Biology
    Director, Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine
  • 01/23/2015
    Tom Sudhof, MD
    Avram Goldstein Professor of Medicine & Professor, by courtesy, of Neurology and of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
    Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine 2013
  • 04/15/2015
    Stanley N. Cohen, MD
    Kwoh-Ting Li Professor in the School of Medicine
    Professor, Departments of Genetics and of Medicine
  • 11/11/2015
    Sandra Horning, MD
    Executive Vice President, Global Development and Chief Medical Officer - Genentech/Roche
  • 01/13/2016
    John L. Hennessy, PhD
    President, Stanford University
    Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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