Research Core Facility for TRAM Users

TASC (Translational Applications Service Center) is a SoM core facility that can be used by members of the TRAM center (as well as non-TRAM investigators) for research support, clinical sample processing, and assay development . For more detailed information about TASC services and pricing, please visit the TASC Website:

Services Offered

  • Charge and Size-based Protein Separation Nano-Immuno-Assay (PeggySue platform):
    • Assay development and optimization, set-up, data analysis
  • Clinical Sample Processing:
    • DNA/RNA/Protein isolation from tissue, cells, paraffin block sections, fine needle aspirates (FNAs)
  • Cell and Tissue Culture Services:
    • Culturing primary cells and cell-lines
    • Assay development for detection and validation of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) from blood.
  • Cryopreservation of Cells and Sample Banking
  • Laboratory Use for Clinical Investigators
  • Technical Consulting/Individual Training