TRAM Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

  • To serve a vital function in the Stanford Department of Medicine in the training of medical students, residents, and clinical fellows in performing translational research.
  • To facilitate basic, clinical and translational research by bringing together clinicians and scientists in new applied medicine projects.
  • To provide both structure and resources to encourage scientific interactions among different Department of Medicine Divisions, as well as collaborative research among clinical and research faculty, students, residents, and fellows.



The Center for Translational Research and Applied Medicine (TRAM) is dedicated to the following goals:

  • To provide pilot grants and expert scientific research guidance that will support medical students, residents, fellows, and faculty to perform translational research. 
  • Designate research space to facilitate clinical studies by performing analyses of clinical specimens using latest technologies.
  • Organize a translational research seminar series and annual symposia to enable students, fellows and faculty to present and discuss their findings.

Message from the Director

TRAM was designed to galvanize interactions amongst clinicians and scientist to translate their ideas into the clinic by providing pilot funding, educational forums and core resources.

Bench to Bedside approach

TRAM was established to provide an infrastructure to rapidly translate novel genomic/proteomic, nanoscale and imaging research discoveries from the laboratory to the clinic and facilitate bench-to-bedside development of cellular therapies.