Test it Out

Get hands-on practice in a risk-free sandbox

Sandbox Access

Touch UI is now live - Sandbox access is closing soon

  1. Go to: https://author.medweb.stanford.edu/sites.html. This is the Touch UI site administration. 
  2. Navigate to the sandbox directory within this site. The direct URL is:
    Note: Additional SUNet security is present on this directory, so it is not publicly visible.
  3. Within the sandbox directory, create a new page or copy the boilerplate template. Detailed create/copy instructions are within the Site Administration video

  4. When the page opens for authoring, it may switch  to 'Classic' mode. To change to 'Touch', modify the page URL as follows: Replace "/cf#/" with "/editor.html/"

e.g. (Classic) — https://author.medweb.stanford.edu/cf#/content/sm/web 


(Touch) — https://author.medweb.stanford.edu/editor.html/content/sm/web 

Only use one interface at a time - close any conflicting tabs/windows

User Sandbox Pages

Look for your page(s) here once you start a page in the sandbox area. They are only visible in either authoring mode or after being published and are listed by most recently modified.