Touch UI Quick Reference

Top functional changes at a glance

Menu Restructure

  • Text-rich toolbars replaced with collapsible icon-menus 
  • Menus have been reorganized and their functions refiled

Touch UI is a natural progression towards a cleaner and more modern authoring experience. Thinking about the new interface from a 'mobile authoring' perspective may help adapt to some of Adobe's design changes; such caveats we've surfaced to help smooth the transition. We still recommend (and train to) using desktop for authoring, though in a pinch mobile can be useful.

This page contains the major changes that tend to trip up authors coming from Classic UI. For a more comprehensive review of interface capablities, see the Pocket Reference. It's never easy relearning familiar tasks, but we hope to make it so.

Mobile Authoring Capable

  • Consider mobile limitations - like no right-click
  • A cleaner, modern interface with less clutter

Administrative Modes

Sites & Assets

Menu restructure

The administrative overhaul takes some reorientation. This image uses color to show where main functions have moved.

  • Key new menus introduced
  • Basic nav. operation changed
  • Default View can be modified

  Modes (Left Side)

Modes are accessed from the Side Rail menu and provide different management functions from basic nav and search, to activity logs and versioning.

  Views (Right Side)

Views give alternate ways to display content. Certain Views are more efficient for the content type. For example, Card is ideal for assets, while List is preferred for sites.

Page Editing

Also known as authoring

Toolkit redesign

Authoring remains largely unchanged, though tools have moved; this image uses color to show where. 

  • Toolkit dissolved, tools redistribued
  • Component dialogues updated
  • Preview Mode required for navigation

The floating Toolkit has been replaced with a static toolbar on the top of the screen. It's various functions have been distributed to new menus. Of note:

Components and Assets within the far-left menu
Page admin functions within the mid-left menu
Note: Most admin functions are now exclusively within Admin mode (e.g. Copy/Move)