Text Editor

Write rich text and fill your site with words

Text Editors use rich text editors (RTE) to easily create page content. You can choose from a list for pre-defined text formats such as headlines, quote styles and links to standardize all text on your site.


  • Industry standard styling, alignment, list, and linking options
  • Additional styling options including quotes, headings and links
  • Spellchecker
  • Special characters
  • HTML editor
  • Quick Edit mode

Pro Tips

  • Use columns, images, headings and even quote styles to split up long spans of text
  • RTEs are available in many other components, with much of the same functionality
  • Text does not 'flow' between columns – manually make the separation
  • Use Quick Edit (pencil icon) to make changes outside the full dialogue
  • Expand the RTE toolbar for the full suite of controls

Visual Manual

Align left-column colors with right-column content

Input Fields

Configure the output

Note: The tabs below display the different Rich Text Editor (RTE) toolbar states. The RTE hides certain functions unless the menus are opened (II) or the toolbar is expanded (III)

Output Key

Displays the input fields