External (iFrame)

Embed content from an external webpage or application

The External iFrame references a URL, creating a window to display that content within. Though most modern web applications have their own embed/iFrame code, note that this is not the element to copy – it must be a URL.


  • Simple setup with a target application (URL) field
  • Width and height controls

Pro Tips

  • Embeds can be video, surveys, websites or a variety of applications
  • Embedding a full webpage may not yield great usability in small spaces – use in a 100% width panel
  • When looking for the URL of an application, look for an "embed" or "share" menu/option
  • Most modern embeds with stretch to fill the space provided (i.e. the Panel)
  • Manually define a suffient height to see the content

Visual Manual

Align left-column colors with right-column content

Input Fields

Configure the output

Note: The Target Application (A) is a URL provided by the application. For websites, it may simply be the URL in the address bar. For online tools (qualtrics example) it may be a specially generated URL.

The dimensions (B) define the size of the AEM window. Depending on the application, it may scale to fit or show scrolling bars if not fully responsive.

Output Key

Displays the input fields