Events List

Create a colorful list of event, date-based pages

The Event List creates an attractive summary list that links to pages created using Event Page templates. This template contains all the information that populates the Event List itself, including date (start & end), photo and description details.


  • Multiple sourcing options
  • Standard and compact layout variations
  • Multiple display options including photo, date, title and summary
  • Pagination options
  • Colorful date heading options
  • Show pages hidden from main navigation 

Pro Tips

  • Create a separate directory for event pages, or use tags 
  • An event can be anything with a date (e.g. deadlines)
  • Leverage the option to display all or future events
  • The Event Builder (on the Event page template) has color options for the date heading – use to visually categorize events
  • The Color Block List component provides a similar display without reliance on Event pages

Visual Manual

Align left-column colors with right-column content

Input Fields

Configure the output

Output Key

Displays the input fields