Touch Components 101

Your homepage for AEM building blocks


Components are the literal building blocks for AEM pages. Simply insert them into designated zones to construct page layouts and add content to your site. 

Basic functionality is intuitive, though it takes some familiarity to know when to use what, and how to best leverage each. For accelerating your applied knowledge, turn to our Design Demonstration Site and the specific component tutorials listed in the Component Encyclopedia to the left.

  •   Video will pause and prompt where to click to continue
  •   Chapters accessible from the toolbar in the video player
  •   View in fullscreen desktop

Written Instructions

The baseline for all components

Search, select

Locate the desired component

  1. From the far upper-left, click the Side Panel menu.
  2. Click the Components list.  The list of components is displayed.
  3. Locate the desired component. Use the filter or category tools to assist.
    1. Filter:  Enter text to search.
    2. Category:  Open the menu to sort by the classic categories (Layout, Form, Image, Text, etc…)
  4. Click the (i) information icon next to the component tile for descriptions.