Starting Building in Touch

Give the new interface a spin and learn by doing in a risk-free environment. Build pages to test your new knowledge and be ahead of the curve once Classic UI is no longer available.

Welcome to the new AEM user interface (UI) known as Touch — a major update that modernizes and simplifies the web-building experience.  These resources are intended for existing authors already experienced with the original UI known as Classic, and presents education through this lens. 

Topics covered include the essentials for building and managing pages — advanced topics such as tags, and workflows are not reviewed.  A full, guided training is available here,  intended for new authors.

Video Curriculum

3-part (~25min) mini series

Part 1: Site Admin

Formerly known as the Web Content Manager (WCM), the Site Administrator is functionally the same, though operates quite differently. This video reviews essential management tasks and how to configure the tool using new Views and Modes.

Top Trip-ups

  •   When trying Touch, close any open Classic tabs/windows
  •   The design is based on mobile editing – there are no right-clicks
  •   Toolbars and options are now revealed via menus or selection
  •   To select and edit items in admin, click their thumbnails.