As part of the Stanford Tobacco Prevention Toolkit, this Elementary Version of You and Me, Together Vape-Free curriculum is a 2-lesson theory-based and evidence-informed curriculum created by the Stanford REACH Lab as well as by our Youth Action Board, educators, healthcare providers, and scientists across the U.S. 

This lesson is intended to discuss and talk about the impact of e-cigarettes and tobacco on the body. We will learn about nicotine and other harmful chemicals in e-cigarette aerosol. 

Click above to view the talking points for this lesson. Use the talking points alongside the Canva slides!

We suggest providing students with the Discussion Guide that they can take home and discuss with a trusted adult such as a parent/caregiver, coach, mentor, and/or a peer.

We suggest you end with a Kahoot, which can be found and easily linked to in the last slide of this OR using the link above.

We recommend using Canva to get the full-scale experience of each lesson. If you need to go offline, feel free to download lesson 1 below.