Below is a breakdown of every available activity on this website. These hands-on activities are for educators to teach and engage young people about the harms of using tobacco/nicotine. 

How to Use These Activities

The assumption here is that you are somewhat familiar with the Tobacco Prevention Toolkit or with teaching tobacco prevention to young people. 

If not, we recommend checking our Curriculum at a Glance page or using our Curriculum Decision Maker tab at the top of this page to decide what part of the Toolkit curriculum will best for you to use. 

Here are your steps for picking the right activity for you: 

1. Read the Activity Guide/Icon Key to assist you in sorting through all the activities

2. Browse through activities by tobacco/nicotine topic to see which one is a good fit for your class

3. Click on the name of the activity to be directed to a new page with activity downloads and more


Activity Guide/Icon Key

The icons below will give you a better sense of what a specific activity has to offer. This should help you in your decision making process. 


A quick and impactful activity that sparks student thinking and conversation. 

Key Info

Info-rich activity that provides an overview of key issues and allows for discussion.


An activity that focuses on specific issues related to the topic and starts deeper conversations.


Student-driven activities: includes discussion, working in pairs or groups, and presenting.


This type of activity pushes students to think outside the box and respond creatively. 


Project-based activity that can create a greater conversation in the community.

Activities by Tobacco Topic