PowerPoint: Smokeless Tobacco 101


Educators should download the PowerPoint file which contains Teacher Talking Points for each slide. 


1. This activity provides a script that teachers can use to initiate discussions about the history of smokeless tobacco and the risks associated with its use. Embedded within the scripted discussion are various ads or videos that could be shown to further make the points.


Materials Needed: Computer, Projector, "Smokeless Tobacco 101" PowerPoint

Handout: None


This PowerPoint provides an overview of what students should know about smokeless tobacco, including why youth find them appealing, marketing tactics being used, what we know about the health effects of smokeless tobacco use.  At the end of the PowerPoint are some debriefing activities that you can use with the students.


Branching Out

Whether you have more teaching time or want to dive into similar topics to form a lesson, here are just a few options of other Toolkit curriculum items that you can use with this activity.


Discussion Guide

Students can have a conversation with a trusted adult about smokeless tobacco.



This gives students an overview of smokeless tobacco, including the harms associated with using it.


Smokeless Tobacco Kahoot

Quiz students on what they know or learned about the harms of using smokeless tobacco.