PowerPoint: Pod-Based Systems 101


Educators should download the PowerPoint file which contains Teacher Talking Points for each slide. 


1. This activity's purpose is to describe pod-based systems (e.g., JUUL, PHIX, Suorin) and the potential health consequences for adolescents using them. The PowerPoint shows how these products are marketed to appeal to adolescents.

2. This activity will help adolescents counter the appeal of pod-based systems by revealing their similarity to cigarettes and raising concern around the ingredients in these devices, especially nicotine and its effects on the brain.

Note to Educators

This an abbreviated version of the E-Cig/Vape Pen 101 PowerPoint (button to the right).

We highly recommend that educators use the E-Cig/Vape Pen 101 slides when talking to youth, as it has more information about the history and health effects of electronic cigarettes.

We realize that some educators may have a limited amount of time to cover these materials and may want to focus on Pod-Based Systems exclusively and so we have created this abbreviated Pod-Based Systems 101 slide set for those educators.



Materials Needed: Computer, Internet Access, Projector, "Pod-Based Systems 101" PowerPoint

Handout: None


Present the PowerPoint slideshow using the Teacher Talking Points in the notes section. NOTE: cutting or removing slides is an easy way to allow for more student questions and discussion. 


Branching Out

Whether you have more teaching time or want to dive into similar topics to form a lesson, here are just a few options of other Toolkit curriculum items that you can use with this activity.


Discussion Guide

Students can have a conversation with a trusted adult about pod-based systems.


E-Cigarette Unit

Teach more curriculum on this topic. Click on the title/heading above.

Pod-Based Systems Kahoot

Quiz students on what they know or learned about the harms of using pod-based e-cigarettes/vapes.