10 Session Sample Curriculum

Learning Objectives

Session 1: To learn about the brain functions, structures, and pathways in the brain; to understand the unique features of the adolescent brain and its vulnerability to addiction; to understand how the brain reacts to drugs.  

Session 2: To develop a definition of addiction, discus addiction physiology and the brain’s response to drugs, address addiction myths; discuss effects of addiction.

Session 3: To understand nicotine and its addictive properties; to learn how tobacco companies design tobacco properties to be addictive.

Session 4: Learn about the history of tobacco; identify the targeted marketing practices used by tobacco companies; understand the differences in tobacco products, including risks.

Session 5: Obtain accurate knowledge about how e-cigarettes/vape pens are made to work; understand how the products of e-cigarettes/vape pens enter (or are absorbed) into the body.

Session 6: Identify predatory marketing strategies employed by the tobacco industry; understand specific marketing strategies that  manufacturers and the tobacco industry use to increase use among adolescents; explore and understand the appeal of e-cigarettes/vape pens among adolescents in order to counter the appeal.

Session 7: To learn about the negative health effects caused by e-cigarette and vape pen use; to learn about the effects of nicotine on the body; learn about the effects that nicotine in pod-based systems has on the adolescent body and brain; understand the appeal of JUULs among adolescents in order to counter the appeal

Session 8: Explore and understand the appeal of e-cigarettes/vape pens/pod-based systems among adolescents in order to counter the appeal; learn and practice skills that will allow students to resist e-cigarette/vape pen use.

Session 9: Understand information about smokeless tobacco and hookah

Session 10: Review the information they learned from the e-cigarette/vape pen module activities; create individual projects to reflect on the impact of e-cigarettes/vape pens.


This is a suggested 10-session curriculum that educators can use over a 10-day or 10-period course, with 50-minute sessions.  Before using the curriculum, we suggest that educators become familiar with the material including reviewing the teacher-focused crash courses.

Educators should go through each unit and download the PowerPoint for class presentation. Educators should also download the accompanying activities for in-class activities. Speakers' notes are embedded in the PowerPoint.  Activities are meant to be printed for students before class begins.  We refer to any 50 minute period as a "Session." Sessions can be done once weekly, on consecutive days, or multiple sessions per day, depending on individual need.

Addiction (Sessions 1-3)

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Tobacco Products (Sessions 4)

Session 4

E-Cigarettes and Vape Pens (Sessions 5-8)

Session 5

Session 6

Session 7

Session 8

Other Tobacco Products (Session 9)

Session 9

Positive Youth Development (Session 10)

Session 10