By School Subject

The following pages divide the content of the Tobacco Prevention Toolkit into subject-specific categories. These pages can be used by educators who do not exclusively teach health-related materials, or even by students or staff organizing school-wide tobacco and nicotine use prevention days. Use the Activity Icon Key at the bottom of the page to learn about the activities.

Activity Icon Key

Warm-Up: a quick and impactful activity that sparks student thinking and conversation.

Key-Info: info-rich activity that provides an overview of key issues and allows for discussion.

In-Depth: an activity that focuses on specific issues related to the topic and starts deeper conversations.

Student-Focused: student-driven activities: includes discussion, working in pairs or groups, and presenting.

Creative-With-It: this type of activity pushes students to think outside the box and respond creatively. 

Project-Based: activity that can create a greater conversation in the community.

PowerPoint Icon Key

Talk-It-Out: a PowerPoint with opportunities for student discussion.

Stand-Out: a PowerPoint that has been used and recognized by many educators across the country.

Geek-Out: a PowerPoint that allows students to "geek out" and indulge in topics  rich in science.