The Healthy Futures/Alternative to Suspension Curriculums are geared for students who have been caught using e-cigarettes (or really any tobacco product) and/or for any students who are interested in trying to quit.  

Our Healthy Futures curriculums use principles of motivational interviewing and touch on all of the salient issues involved in students’ use of e-cigarettes and other tobacco products.

We have 2 versions:  OUR Healthy Futures is to be taught by an educator, counselor, advisor, or another adult in small group settings.  We have 2-, and 4-hour options.  MY Healthy Futures is a self-paced course for students to complete on their own, and they receive a certificate of completion when done.  

The MY Healthy Futures Course and Healthy Futures Curriculums cover similar information on the health effects of vaping, addiction, messaging, and the cost. 

While we know time is limited, the best course of action is for students to first complete the MY Healthy Futures on their own, followed by some teacher-student interaction using the Our Healthy Futures. Of course, feel free to add additional lessons from the rest of the Toolkit as desired.

OUR Healthy Futures Course has two versions. The two hour version can be taught in a group setting. It allows for warm-up questions interspersed between slides that allow students to share what they know about each topic. 

The four hour version builds on the two hour version by allowing time for personal reflection following each topic. This version allows for more individual introspection and group discussion (if done in a group setting). This version also includes the Healthy Future Handbook.

The MY Healthy Futures Course provides online activities and interactive materials and is the most current version of the Healthy Futures Program.

This course contains content on how marginalized folks are targeted by tobacco and vaping companies. Also, there is material on stress and coping.

This new online, self-paced course can be completed independently by students in 40-60 minutes.

Parent Letter

The Open Letter for Parents/Guardians can be used by schools to inform parents about the Healthy Futures program. 

Please feel free to modify to meet your school's needs.