Going Smoke-free or Vape-free

Reducing Your Risks for COVID-19

Just In: Association Between Vaping, Smoking, and COVID-19


Going smoke-free or vape-free is strongly encouraged during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Please familiarize yourself with the information below which explains how smoking or vaping puts you at greater risk for COVID-19.


There is a section on this page for quit resources in case you or someone you know is ready to go smoke-free or vape-free. 

Smoking or vaping weakens the lungs, worse COVID-19 infection can follow

Overall, smoking or vaping increases someone's risk for COVID-19 because: 

            ● The immune system is supressed making the lungs less ready to fight a COVID-19 infection (shown above)

            ● The lungs produce more of the ACE2 receptor/protein, which acts as a "doorway" for the virus

            ● Those who reported smoking and were hospitalized due to pneumonia from COVID-19 were less likely to recover 

            ● The risk of transmitting the virus is greater since fingers are in contact with lips from holding the nicotine product

            ● The risk of transmitting the virus is greater if sharing a nicotine product such as a water pipe or hookah 

Going smoke-free or vape-free can lower the risk for a severe COVID-19 infection

Frequently Asked Questions About Smoking/Vaping & COVID-19

Go Smoke-free or Vape-free


There are telephone-based tobacco cessation services better known as quitlines. Click here to see available quitlines in your state, territory, or province compiled by the North American Quitline Consortium (NAQC). 


Left Column:

For Teens and Young Adults

California Smoker's Helpline

California Smoker's Helpline

  • Call 1-800-N0-BUTTS or 1-844-8-NO-VAPE
  • Text "QUIT SMOKING" or "QUIT VAPING"to 66819  
  • Link to website: https://www.nobutts.org 

My Life, My Quit

My Life, My Quit

  • Available for free in Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Utah.
  • Text “Start My Quit” to 855-891-9989 to receive structured, live coaching sessions using multiple communication tools.

This is Quitting

This is Quitting

Right Column:

For Parents Supporting Their Teens and Young Adults

Become An Ex

Become An Ex

Tobacco and vaping cessation support for parents and teens from Truth Initiative.

Link to website: https://www.becomeanex.org

Know The Risks (Surgeon General)

Know The Risks (Surgeon General)

Includes a conversation guide and video for parents and teens from FDA. Resources provided in Spanish as well.

Link to website: https://e-cigarettes.surgeongeneral.gov

The Vape Talk

The Vape Talk

Includes a conversation guide for parents and teens from the American Lung Association.

Link to website: https://www.lung.org/quit-smoking/vape-talk

Benefits of Quitting Video

To the right is a video version of the infographic above, which you are welcome to share.

Use this YouTube link to share on social media: https://youtu.be/h65jQQ-DJFQ 

Special thanks to Tobacco Education Clearinghouse of California (TECC) and California Department of Public Health (CDPH) - Tobacco Control Branch for collaborating with us to create the infographic, video and translated factsheets below.

Smoking/Vaping & Coronavirus Factsheet

Ready for download in multiple languages

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Need assistance with adding your own quit line to the factsheet or have any questions? Please contact the Tobacco Prevention Toolkit team for technical support at tobprevtoolkit@stanford.edu