Conventional Transgenic Mouse

  • Conventional transgenic mouse service provides transgenic mouse by injecting DNA fragment or BAC DNA into mouse pronucleus. The injected DNA will be randomly integrated into mouse genome; therefore, transgenic mouse will be confirmed by genotyping, no guarantee for gene expression from injected DNA fragment.
  • We guarantee 3 transgenic founders characterized by genotyping if DNA fragment is purified by TKTC.
  • We will inject 300 embryos or provide 30 pups whichever comes first if user prepare DNA fragment or circular BAC DNA. 

User guide:

  1. If TKTC purifying DNA fragment for injection, we need 10-20ug plasmid DNA, restriction cutting gel picture, and DNA sequences information.
  2. If user prepare DNA fragment for injection, please follow provided protocol, and elude DNA in microinjection buffer provided by TKTC. Please provide DNA fragment gel picture.
  3. For BAC DNA injection, we don’t provide purification service, user can reference linked BAC DNA preparation protocol. BAC DNA should be circular and in BAC DNA injection buffer.

How to request:

  1. Log-in iLab, select Transgenic Services, DNA microinjection for transgenic mice.  
  2. Fill in request form, attach DNA gel picture and DNA sequences information.
  3. Submit request. 









All services need to be requested through iLab



Prof. Vittorio Sebastiano, PhD

Assistant professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology




Dr. Hong Zeng, MD, PhD

Contact for genome editing and mouse line services



Research Scientist, Tumor model group leader

Nirk Quispe Calla, MD

Contact for tumor model services