Crispr Mediated KO/KI and Conditional KO Mice

  • Crispr genome editing system is a RNA-guided endonucleases system, it allow users to design gRNA which target DNA sequences of interest. In the presence of CAS9 endonuclease, the gRNA directs CAS9 to unwind and cleave the double stranded DNA.
  • We have successfully made KO, KI, and conditional KO mouse lines using Crispr-Cas9 technology and pronuclear injection. Please contact us with your research plan to set up a project strategy with the most updated technology.

User guide:

  1. We provide gRNA design, synthesis and validation, donor DNA (dDNA) design and construction services. Using our gRNA, we guarantee KO in 4 months and point mutation KI founder mouse in 5 months. Generation of KO and point mutation mouse model are on promotion now.
  2. If user provides gRNA, we request the gRNA is validated at over 30% cut efficiency by Surveyor assay. Oligo should be less than 200bp, and re-suspended in miTE (TKTC provides). We will inject 300 embryos or provide at least one founder mouse whichever reaches first.
  3. For KO and point mutation KI projects, we guarantee founder mouse if gRNA and oligo are made in TKTC.
  4. Conditional knockout project strategy will be setup upon loxP floxed DNA size and knock-in surrounding DNA sequences, please contact us to discuss strategies. 
  5. Knock-in large DNA fragment or complicated genomic editing project, please contact us to setup strategies. 

How to request:

  1. With a project goal, consult with TKTC staff to set up project strategy. 
  2. Log-in iLab, select services according to the strategy, fill in requested information, attach project related data including genomic DNA sequences that need to be modified, and submit a request. 
  3. Have your PI or financial manager approve the project through iLab. 

Current promotions:

Service Fee Timeline
Make KO mouse line  $7500 Four months
Make point mutation mouse line  $8500 Five Months

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All services need to be requested through iLab



Prof. Vittorio Sebastiano, PhD

Assistant professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology




Dr. Hong Zeng, MD, PhD

Contact for genome editing and mouse line services



Research Scientist, Tumor model group leader

Nirk Quispe Calla, MD

Contact for tumor model services