Thoracic Imaging Fellowship

Two Fellows
Ann Leung, MD, Chief of Thoracic Imaging
Contact: Roberta Brissette or (650) 725-0541

The fellowship is designed to be a well-balanced academic training program that provides exposure to basic and advanced clinical applications in cardiothoracic imaging including lung cancer screening and cardiac imaging. Clinical training consists of rotations on the chest (8 months), cardiovascular (3 months), and thoracic interventional (1 month) services. One day per week of research time is allotted.

The fellow will function as part of a clinical team who is responsible for the performance and interpretation of in- and outpatient chest radiographs, CTs, MRIs, and thoracic interventional procedures at a tertiary care academic medical center with state-of-art equipment and institutional strengths in oncology, transplantation, interstitial lung disease, and cardiovascular disease. Fellows will be provided opportunities to teach in the form of medical student and resident conferences; there is 1 day per week of non-clinical time allotted for participation in research activities.  Current research interests of faculty include radiogenomics of lung cancer, optimization of CT radiation dose, and clinical applications of 3-D printing.