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T.E.C.I. Center

300 Pasteur Dr., Grant Building, Suite S067
Stanford, CA 94305
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Walking Directions to T.E.C.I. Center:

*If needed, visitor parking is available at the Pasteur Visitor Garage, 200 Pasteur Drive.

  • After parking, enter the Hospital by the fountains, Pasteur Drive entrance. Turn right in the main corridor.
  • Continue down main corridor until you exit the first set of double doors.
  • Turn left and cross diagonally through the courtyard passing the Lane Library on your right.
  • Walk down the staircase that leads you into a courtyard with a big patch of grass in the middle (at the top of the staircase, if you see doors that open to the Alway Building on your right, you’re headed down the correct staircase).
  • After coming down the staircase, stay on the left hand side of the grass and the TECI Center conference room is the 4th door down.