Program Directors

Kim Butts Pauly, PhD

Professor of Radiology and, by courtesy, of Electrical Engineering.

Director of the Rad/Radiological Sciences Laboratory


Daniel Ennis, PhD

Professor of Radiology (Veterans Affairs)


Steering Committee

The TBI2 Steering Committee is comprised of Stanford faculty and meets to implement training program policy, appointment/re-appointment criteria, and review trainee progress in the program by way of individual advising. The Steering Committee will also participate in the selection of trainees. The composition of the Steering Committee is designed to provide excellent expertise while representing the breadth of imaging research at Stanford. 

Kim Butts Pauly, PhD – represents MRI and image-guided intervention

Daniel Ennis, PhD - represents MRI and translational applications

Edward Graves, (PhD, Radiation Oncology) –molecular imaging, radiobiology, and image display/analysis

Michelle James, PhD -  represents molecular imaging and MRI/P

Alison Marsden, (PhD, Bioengineering and Pediatrics) - translation medical
imaging-based applications of computational simulations.

Bruce Daniel, (MD, Radiology) -clinical radiology, translational research, and machine learning.

Kathy Ferrara (PhD, Radiology) - ultrasound and molecular imaging.  

Adam Wang (PhD, Radiology) - advanced X-ray and CT translational applications.

Advisory Board

The TBI2 Advisory Board meets annually to evaluate the training program. The board reviews trainee progress, research and coursework, annual symposia, outreach to women and minorities for recruitment, career development, internships, grant writing workshops, the new Biomedical Physics program, and feedback from trainees and compiles a report for the Program Directors.

Joseph Wu

Dr. Joe Wu, MD, PhD is a Professor of Medicine and Radiology, Director of the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute, and Director of Stanford’s Multi-Disciplinary Training Program in Cardiovascular Imaging.

Magali Fassiotto

Dr. Magali Fassiotto, PhD is the Associate Dean for the Office of Faculty Development and Diversity. 

External Advisors

John Gore

Dr. John Gore, PhD is a Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Engineering at Vanderbilt University where he is also the Director of the Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Science (VUIIS). Dr. Gore is also director for the Postdoctoral Training in Biomedical MRI and MRS training program at Vanderbilt. 

Michael McNitt-Gray

Dr. Michael McNitt-Gray, PhD is a Professor of Radiology at UCLA, the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Radiation Safety, and the Director of UCLA’s training program for Physics and Biology in Medicine Research Training.