Stanford's Translational Biomedical Imaging Instrumentation (TBI2) Training Program selects highly qualified in-coming doctoral candidates and provides partial support for their first two years of graduate study.

Prospective students apply to the TBI2 funding program concurrently with their application to any one of these degree granting programs:

The application process for the TBI2 program will begin in March 2024.

Typical Timeline

February - March

Departments and Program Admissions Committees admit students


Application Deadline for TBI2

Early April

The Steering Committee ranks the top applicants, informs degree programs of willingness to fund students, should they be admitted.

When applying to the degree-granting program, prospective students should indicate their interest in TBI2 in their application's personal statement. The application to the degree-granting program must be followed by another application to the TBI2 funding program:

Elements of the TBI2 application -

  • Name of degree-granting department to which the student is applying
  • Confirmation of US citizenship or permanent resident status
  • Letter of interest demonstrating interest in biomedical imaging
  • Permission to access the student’s graduate school application


The 2024-2025 cycle begins in March, 2024