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TODAY Feature: Dr. Tass and his lab develop glove that eliminates Parkinson’s tremor

A group of researchers at Stanford Medicine has developed a pair of gloves that are leading to life-changing results for patients dealing with Parkinson’s Disease. NBC’s Jabob Soboroff reports for TODAY.

How un-syncing the brain can help Parkinson’s patients

Abnormal levels of neuronal synchronicity is a hallmark of many neurological conditions. Dr. Peter Tass discusses how to alleviate their symptoms.

Vibrating gloves could be game-changer for Parkinson's patients

Lisa Kim talks to Dr. Peter Tass and patients about his promising treatment for Parkinson’s disease – a vibrating glove.

Vibrating gloves could be game-changer for Parkinson's patients

Dr. Peter Tass is testing a new treatment that may have the ability to slow or reverse some symptoms of Parkinson's disease: vibrating gloves that seem to help not only with tremors, but with speech, walking and balance too.

New technology could signal the future of medicine

Doug Bland is a participant in Dr. Peter Tass's clinical trial who found that using a vibrotactile glove eased his Parkinson's symptoms and helped improve his strength and level of activity.

Doug's story starts at 2:39.

Good vibrations: Can Parkinson’s symptoms be stopped?

Early research shows that wearing a vibrating glove can reorganize misfiring signals in the brain typical of Parkinson’s and might relieve symptoms.