Tass Lab

Welcome to the Tass Lab! Our lab is engaged in ground breaking research designed to impact the course of diseases like Parkinson’s, stroke and tinnitus, with the possibility of influencing numerous other diseases.

We are currently involved in a number of projects using invasive and non-invasive neuromodulation to disrupt the neural networks that give rise to many of the symptom clusters associated with these diseases.

The stimulation modalities include:

  • Electrical pulses delivered through surgically implanted electrodes 
  • Mild vibratory stimuli administered to different parts of the body, e.g. the fingers 
  • Gentle sound stimuli administered using standard stereo headsets


Our technology appears to induce long-lasting relief with stimulation that is only delivered for a few hours on an intermittent or regular basis. Our ongoing and planned projects which emanate from the extensive research conducted by Dr. Tass into the interface between plasticity principles and dynamic self-organization, use comprehensive computational neuroscience methods derived from non-linear dynamics, statistical physics, and numerics as well as high performance computing. With this solid foundation, our work developing novel therapies is progressing at remarkable speed.  

Department of Neurosurgery

The Tass Lab is part of the Department of Neurosurgery.

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