TASC Equipment

PeggySue (ProteinSimple) Model: 004-800-U

Allegra X-22R Centrifuge (Beckman Coulter Inc.)

Symphony 5.3A Dual-Stacked Incubator with High-Temperature Decontamination (VWR)

-80C Freezer: VWR Symphony: DW-86L628

CryoPro AF10 Autofill system - Liquid Nitrogen Cryostorage (VWR)

Class 2 Type A2 Biosafety Hood: (Labconco Corp)

Tissue Homogenizer: TissueLyser LT (Qiagen)

TC20 Automated Cell Counter (BioRad)

Digital Inverted Microscope (Bright-field and phase-contrast): AMG EVOS XL Amex-1100

Standard lab equipment: nanodrop spectrophotometer, water bath, heat block, vortex, stirrer, pH meter, microwave, +4C refrigerator, -20C freezer, micro-centrifuge

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