About TASC

Our facility began as a core lab for the Translational Research and Applied Medicine TRAM program to facilitate bench-to-bedside development of cellular therapies and diagnostics, and as an infrastructure for translating novel genomic/proteomic, nanoscale and imaging research discoveries from the laboratory to the clinic. The TRAM program, founded and directed by Prof. Dean Felsher MD PhD, includes various research and educational resources, as well as pilot grants that help to foster interactions between physicians and scientists and support diverse translational applications projects resulting in innovative approaches to the prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases.

Translational Applications Service Center (initially functioning as a research resource for ONLY the Department of Medicine TRAM members: "TRAM Core"), has rapidly expanded its operations and since 2013 began to function as one of the Stanford School of Medicine shared resource facilities, providing translational research services to investigators beyond the TRAM Core, including customers from additional departments, as well as those from outside of Stanford. Our facility offers clinical specimen processing and assay development primarily for physicians who do not have their own laboratory space or infrastructure to conduct experiments, however TASC IS OPEN TO ANY RESEARCH INVESTIGATOR WHO NEEDS ASSISTANCE WITH A TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE PROJECT.

TASC provides a wide variety of analytical services, including a unique state-of-the art novel proteomics technology, NanoImmunoAssay (NIA), for defining protein signatures and measuring proteomic response to targeted therapies in rare clinical samples. Our facility offers dedicated research staff to facilitate the ability of clinical researchers to employ novel technologies and scientific discoveries at the point of care. Of critical importance, our facility also provides users with initial training and on-site expertise in the proper use of the equipment and procedures to enable collection of meaningful, high quality data. Additionally, TASC offers consulting services to assist in experimental design and data analysis, to take best advantage of the available resources.

TASC - Stanford University
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