Here are some software we have developed. We hope these programs will be useful for your research, and we'd love to hear feedback from you!
  • frappe is a frequentist approach for estimating individual ancestry proporptions [see Tang et al. 2005].
  • SABER implements a Markov-Hidden Markov Model for inferring locus-specific ancestry in admixed individuals [see Tang et al. 2006].
  • emphases is an algorithm for long-range haplotype phasing [Johnson et al. to appear].
  • XPEB is an empiral Bayes approach that integrates information from two GWAS studies, a base- and a target-GWAS conducted in different ethnic groups, to improve the detection of associations in the target-GWAS [see Coram et al. 2015].
  • XP-BLUP is a trans-ethnic trait prediction method. [Coram et al. 2017].
  • HARE is an algorithm that defines GWAS analysis strata by harmonizing¬† participants' self-reported race/ethnicity and genetic ancestry. [Fang et al. 2019]

You may also want to check our github repository for updates.