People: Personal Profiles

Hua Tang

Hometown: Beijing, China
Birthday: July 4
Hobbies: Travel, baking
Favorite food: Soufflé
Favorite saying: "Where there's a will, there's a way!"
Hidden talent: If any, shall remain hidden

Sandra Beleza

Hometown: Porto, Portugal
Birthday: November 3rd
Hobbies: Being with friends, sports and reading, traveling during holidays
Favorite food: Portuguese bacalhau (codfish) cooked according to any one of the "1001" different Portuguese codfish recipes
Favorite saying: "What is hard is not to live, it is knowing how to live well"
Favorite book: Baltazar and Blimunda (or better Memorial of the Convent as literally translated from Portuguese and more defining in my opinion) by Jose Saramago
Favorite scientist: Gregor Mendel
Favorite gene: HBB

Sophie Candille

Hometown: Frontignan, France
Birthday: August 20
Hobbies: Hiking, making mosaics
Favorite food: Shrimp tacos
Favorite drink: Vanilla hazelnut coffee from Connoisseur Coffee
Favorite book: Blue Horizons: Dispatches from Distant Seas by Beth Leonard
Favorite gene: Agouti
Favorite saying: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself"

Yoonha Choi

Birthday: July 21
Hometown: Seoul, Korea
Favorite food: Rice cake
Hobbies: Movies, snowboarding
Favorite saying: God will make a way
Hidden talent: Puzzles