Join Us

Current graduate students from the Biosciences, Statistics, and Computer Science programs at Stanford, please contact Hua to arrange a meeting. If you are interested in graduate studies at Stanford, please apply through Graduate Admissions. 

Additionally, a postdoctoral position is currently available in our group. We are interested in a broad range of questions related to the genetic architecture of complex traits and to human evolutionary history. We tackle these problems by developing and applying novel statistical and computational methods. A particular goal is to integrate diverse sources of biological information (such as expression or proteomics data) into genome-wide association studies (GWAS). Our group is exclusively computational, but we collaborate closely with several experimental groups; jointly mentored wet-dry projects can be arranged.

Applicants are expected to have a background in a relevant quantitative field, such as statistics, biostatistics / bioinformatics, mathematics or computer science, with a demonstrated interest in genetics or human health. Candidates with a background in the biological sciences and strong quantitative skills are also encouraged to apply. Strong programming skills are essential, and should include R and at least one scripting languages (e.g. Python or Perl). Motivation, independence, collegiality, creativity and effective communication skills are strongly valued in the lab.

To apply please email Hua the following materials: (1) a CV; (2) a description of research experience; (3) a brief statement of your goals and research interests for your postdoctoral training, and (4) contact information for two references. Optionally you may include one of your favorite publications.