Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Bendix - Health impacts of gun violence, and racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic disparities in health care delivery

Dr. Forrester - Care of the injured patient, surgical infectious disease, and global public health

Dr. Hameed - Innovations in trauma surgery and emergency general surgery, process and quality improvement, surgical rescue, value-based healthcare, surgical systems

Dr. Knight - Hemorrhagic shock, resuscitation, and traumatic arrest

Dr. Knowlton - Barriers in access to care, disparities among vulnerable surgical populations, and the financial burden injury imposes upon both patients and hospitals

Dr. Maggio - Quality improvement, patient safety, healthcare delivery

Dr. Nassar - Abdominal wall reconstruction, simulation-based medical education, surgical education, and burnout among physicians and other healthcare professionals

Dr. Pugh - Simulation and advanced engineering technologies to assess and define competency in clinical procedural skills

Dr. Sonntag - Surgical education, simulation, disaster/mass casualty preparedness, and emergency general surgery

Dr. Staudenmayer - Trauma systems of care and vulnerable patient populations such as the elderly

Dr. Tung - Massive transfusion strategies, education regarding pre-hospital trauma management, gastrostomy tube complications, safety profile of body armor worn by law enforcement.

Dr. Weiser - Role of surgical care in the delivery of health services in resource poor settings, particularly low- and middle-income countries