Logan Schneider, M.D.

Consultant Neurologist

Logan Schneider, M.D. is a Consultant Neurologist at the Palo Alto VA Health Care System. He has been interested in caring for patients with neurocognitive disorders (eg, Alzheimer) since his medical school training in the North Florida-South Georgia VA Health Care System with inspirational cognitive neurologist Dr. Kenneth Heilman. Dr. Schneider’s passion for improving care through communication is reflected in his numerous community outreach endeavors. Through a multidisciplinary care approach that involves educating at all levels – patients, families, caregivers, and care providers – he hopes to incorporate cutting-edge science to changing the course of these life-altering disorders. 

Dr. Schneider's greatest passion in life is his family; whether it's singing songs he's written or heading to the hills for some hiking, he finds the experience is always better with his wife and two sons along for the adventure.