The surgical application scholarly concentration will allow the student an opportunity to participate in surgery in the clinical environment, develop basic surgical skills and develop a surgically focused pan of research.  Students will develop an understanding of the research opportunities in surgery and surgical specialties including, clinical research, basic science research, health services research and translational research.

By selecting the surgical application scholarly concentration, the medical students will have access to key faculty in surgery and the surgical specialties.  The interaction will allow for clinical exposure as well as mentorship for surgically focused research endeavors. The goal is to expose students to the wide range of clinical surgical opportunities as well as the wide range of surgical research.  By leveraging the tremendous research experience of the surgical faculty and the resources of Stanford – Surgery Policy Improvement Research and Education (S-SPIRE), the student will be well positioned to develop a research proposal and see the proposal through to completion.


The Scholarly Concentration program is a required, structured program of study in the Medical Student Curriculum that promotes in-depth learning and scholarship. The overall program is supported primarily by the Office of Medical Student Research and Scholarship and the Scholarly Concentration Directors. Student support also includes two major direct advisors:

1. The student's Project or Research Advisor
2. The student's Advising Dean, who provides overall academic/career guidance

Each student must declare a Scholarly Concentration along with a course plan and general project description. It is recommended that four-year students declare by June 1 of the first year. All students must declare by September 1 of the second year.