The Han Lab Publications

Selected Publications

Su, C.C., Wu., J.T., Neal, J.W., Popat, R.A., Kurian, A.W., Backhus, L.M., Nagpal S., Leung, A.N., Wakelee, H.A., Han, S.S., (2021) Impact of Low-Dose CT Screening for Primary Lung Cancer on Subsequent Risk of Brain Metastasis.  Journal of Thoracic Oncology (In Press)

Aredo, J.V., Luo, S., Gardner, R.M., Sanyal, N., Choi, E., Hickey, T.P., Riley, T.L., Huang, W., Kurian, A.W., Leung, A.N., Wilkens, L.R., Le Marchand, L., Amos, C.I., Hung, R.J., Freedman, N.D., Johansson, M., Robbins, H.A., Riboli, E., Rudolf Kaaks, R., Tjønneland A., Vermeulen, R.C.H., Panico, S., Cheng, I., Wakelee, H.W., Han, S.S. (2021) Tobacco Smoking and Risk of Second Primary Lung Cancer. Journal of Thoracic Oncology

Sanyal, N., Napolioni, V., de Rochemonteix, M., Belloy,M.E., Caporaso, N.E., Landi, M.T., Michael D. Greicius, M.D., Chatterjee, N., Han, S.S. (2021) A robust test for additive gene-environment interaction under the trend effect of genotype using an empirical Bayes-type shrinkage estimator. American Journal of Epidemiology

Aredo, J. V., Purington, N., Su, L., Luo, S. J., Diao, N., Christiani, D. C., Wakelee*, H. A, Han, S.S* Metabolomic Profiling for Second Primary Lung Cancer: A Pilot Case-Control Study. (2021) Lung Cancer 

de Rochemonteix, M., Napolioni, V., Sanyal, N., Belloy M.E., Caporaso, Landi, M.T., Greicius, M.D., Chatterjee, N., and Han, S.S. (2020) A likelihood ratio test for gene-environment interaction based on the trend effect of genotype under an additive risk model using the gene-environment independence assumption. American Journal of Epidemiology.

Han, S.S., Chow, E., ten Haaf, K., Toumazis, I., Bastani, M., Tammemagi. M., Jeon, J., Meza, R., Plevritis, S.K. (2020) Disparities and national lung screening guidelines in the U.S. population. Journal of National Cancer Institute.

Han, S.S., Azad, T.D., Suarez, P.A. and Ratliff, J.K., (2019) A machine learning approach for predictive models of adverse events following spine surgeryThe Spine Journal.

Han, S.S., Kelly, S.P., Yang, B., Li, Y., Nguyen, M.H., So, S.K , Rosenberg, P.S., and Hsing, A.W., (2018) Changing landscape of liver cancer in California: a glimpse into the future of liver cancer in the United States. Journal of the National Cancer Institute

Han, S.S., Plevritis, S.K. and Wakelee, H.A., (2018) Caution Needed for Analyzing the Risks of Second Cancers. Journal of Thoracic Oncology, 13(9), pp.e172-e173

Han, S. S., & Chatterjee, N. (2018). Review of Statistical Methods for Gene-Environment Interaction Analysis. Current Epidemiology Reports, 1-7.

Han, S. S., Kevin ten Haaf, WD Hazelton, J Jeon, RMeza, CY Kong, EJ Feuer, HJ de Koning, SK Plevritis (2017) Re: Think Before You Leap  International Journal of Cancer (In press)

Han, S.S., Raymond J. Carroll, and Nilanjan Chatterjee (2017) Book Chapter: Analysis of Gene- Environment Interactions; Handbook of Statistical Methods for Case-Control Studies (Chapman & Hall) (In Press)

Han, S.S., Rivera G.A.,Tammemägi M.C., Plevritis S.K., Cheng I, Gomez S.L., Wakelee H.A. Risk-Stratification for Second Primary Lung Cancer. (2017) Journal of Clinical Oncology

Han, S. S., I. Toumazis, S. A. Erdogan, A. Leung & S. K. Plevritis (2017) Evaluating the Impact of Varied Compliance to Lung Cancer Screening Recommendations using a Microsimulation Model. Cancer Causes and Control.

Han, S. S., K. ten Haaf, W. D. Hazelton, V. N. Munshi, J. Jeon, S. A. Erdogan, C. Johanson, P. M. McMahon, R. Meza & C. Y. Kong (2017) The impact of overdiagnosis on the selection of efficient lung cancer screening strategies. International Journal of Cancer.