Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory (SMRL)

Stanford's Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory (SMRL) is directed by Prof. Jody Puglisi. The lab provides top-level research instrumentation in the area of solution-phase, high-resolution NMR spectroscopy.


Fairchild D026, and Old Organic Chemistry Bldg: Quad 7, Bldg 250; Rm. 101 A,B,E.


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, instrumentation, and expertise. Primary Solution State spectroscopy of bio-molecules including, but not limited to, studies of polymers, minerals, soils, and extracts. Equipment includes: 800MHz Varian Inova Spectrometer, 600MHz Varian Inova Spectrometer, 500MHz Varian Inova Spectrometer, and staff assistance/consultation is available.

For more information, contact Corey Liu at (650) 724-7445, or visit the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory website.