Stanford cEMc (cryo-EM center)

Stanford cEMc (cryo-EM center)

The Stanford cEMc (cryo-Electron Microscopy center) is dedicated to providing the equipment and expertise necessary for the Stanford community to access Cryo-Electron Microscopy.  Our facility currently houses 4 TEMs, one RT TEM (“The Morgagni”) dedicated to fast screening of negatively stained protein samples, a cryoTEM (“The Glacios”), a high throughput device equipped with K3 Direct Detector used for screening for SPA, soft matter research, and tomography, as well as for collecting diagnostic small data sets. We offer access to two high-end Krios Titan cryoTEMs for high resolution single particle data acquisition and cryoET. Prep equipment available includes a Leica GP plunge freezer, Vitrobot plunge freezer, Negative Stain Bench, and glow discharge.

Our screening Facility is currently located in the Sherman Fairchild Science Building in the D045 Basement suite, with our high-end equipment (2 x Krios) located at SLAC.

If you would like to consult with us about the feasibility of a project for cryoTEM, or to arrange training on our equipment, please contact Liz Montabana (

We currently allowed access up to 15% time to industry users. For more details and pricing information, please email address above.

You can also access our service center through ilabs using your SUNet ID (Here).