Stanford cEMc (cryo-EM center)

Stanford cryo-Electron Microscopy center - cEMc

The Stanford cEMc provides cutting-edge instrumentation and expertise to the Stanford community for the application of cryo-EM.  The center currently includes 4 transmission electron microscopes: a Morgagni dedicated to fast screening of negative-stained samples; a Glacios for high throughput cryo-EM and cryo-tomography screening, soft matter research, and collection of diagnostic small data sets; and two high-end Titan Krios for high resolution cryo-EM and tomographic data collections. Available prep equipment includes Leica GP and Vitrobot plunge freezers. An Aquilos 2 for cryo-FIB/SEM towards cellular tomography is currently under installation.

Our screening Facility (Morgagni and Glacios) is currently located in the Sherman Fairchild Science Building, while our high-end equipment ( two Krios) is located at SLAC.

cEMc includes highly trained staff that can support a number of cryo-EM methodologies through data collection, user assistance and also comprehensive training of users.

If you would like to consult with us about the feasibility of a project, access our instrumentation or to arrange training, please contact Liz Montabana ( can also access our service center through ilabs using your SUNet ID (Here).

Industry users are welcome. For details and pricing information, please contact Liz Montabana