The Structural Biology department offers course work and opportunities for research in structural biology, though our students also draw on the wide array of courses offered by other departments and programs. Information about additional courses can be obtained from the Stanford University Bulletin.


For list of Structural Biology courses, please visit Explore Courses.

Course Requirments:

BIOS 200 Foundations in Experimental Biology 5
BIOPHYS 241 or Biological Macromolecules 3 to 5
     BIOE 300A Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering 3
SBIO 242 Methods in Molecular Biophysics 3
    (offered Winter quarter in alternative years)  
BIOPHYS 250 Seminar in Biophysics 1
MED 255 The Responsible Conduct of Research 1
AND, at least 3 additional graduate level courses in physical or biological science, which must include
  at least 1 course in physical science, and
  at least 1 course in literature-based biological science