Department of Structural Biology DEI Committee 2020-2021

Internal Oversight Subcommittee
-Members: Elise Bruguera (she/her), Nisha Gopal (she/her), Lynnette Jackson (she/her)

-Mission: Enable current and future committee success by developing infrastructure, directing committee progress and keeping record of the committee’s activities

Outreach Subcommittee
-Members: Michael Palo (he/him), Christopher Benjamin (he/him), Luis Alcazar (he/him)

-Mission: Create a respectful environment to engage openly and honestly without fear of judgement. We believe that it is important to build a more cohesive community in our department focused on DEI work before starting DEI-focused outreach to a wider community.

Recruitment Subcommittee
-Members: Ximena Xbarros (she/her), Kevin Palacio (he/him), Theodore Jardetzky (he/him)

-Mission: Support the Structural Biology Department search committees and teams to effectively engage with diversity, equity, and inclusion practices while recruiting students, postdocs, staff and faculty.

Outreach Subcommittee
-Members: Crissy Tarver (she/her), Fatima Pardo (she/her), Martha Kessler (she/her)

-Mission: Create a sense of community in the department, get to know and understand each other and each other’s point of view, make sure that everyone who is a part of the department knows which resources are available to them.

Messaging and Metrics Subcommittee
-Members: Rosslyn Grosely (she/her), William Weis (he/him)

-Mission: Promote and support DEI in the SB community by providing resources for engagement, outreach, and self-education.