DEI resources for self-education

The Stanford Community

Community Demographics on the Stanford IDEAL Dashboard: here

Diversity at Stanford Medicine: here

A Framework for Understanding DEI

Developing a Common Vocabulary: here

Glossary: Dismantling Structural Racism and Promoting Racial Equity: here

The Language of Ant-Racism: here

Glossary: Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation: here

Understanding Bias

Project Implicit: Testing tools for users to identify their implicit biases: here

Advancing Science: How Bias Holds Us Back (Asplund, M. Welle, C.G. Neuron 2018): here

In a “Scientist Spotlight Intervention, Diverse Student Identities Matter (Yonas, A. et al. J Microbiol Biol Educ 2020): here

When Perceptions of Diversity Don’t Match Progress: here

Underrepresented Minorities in STEM

Race Matters: Defining Embedded Racial Inequalities; Changing the Conversation: here

Talking (and Not Talking) About Race, Social Class and Dis/Ability: Working Margin to Margin: here

Making Stem Education More Welcoming to Underrepresented Minorities: here

Race Matters: How to Talk About Race: here

1000 Inspiring Black Scientists in America: here

Equity for Women and Underrepresented Minorities in STEM (Stockard, J. et al. PNAS 2021): here

A Guide to Indigenous Land and Territorial Acknowledgements:  here

Native American and Indigenous Representation in STEM-Where Are We Now? here

Systemic Inequalities for LGBTQ Professionals in STEM (Cech, E.A. and Waidzunas, T.J. Science Advances 2021): here

How LGBT+ Scientists Would Like To Be Included and Welcomed in STEM Workplaces: here

Women and the STEM Gap: here

Intersectional Feminism: here

Elite Male Faculty in the Life Sciences Employ Fewer Women (Sheltzer, J.M., Smith, J.C. PNAS 2014): here

Expectations of Brilliance Underlie Gender Distributions Across Academic Disciplines (Leslie S. et al. Science 2015): here

Pioneering women in science: here

Facts on women in STEM: here

Intersectionalism Toolkit: here

Anti-Black Racism in STEM

Shut Down Stem: Resources For Understanding Anti-Black Racism in Academia: here

Responses to 10 Common Criticism of Anti-Racism in STEM: here

Historically White Universities and Plantation Politics: Anti-Blackness and Higher Education in the Black Lives Matter Era. (Darcy II, et al. Urban Education 2018):  here

Promoting Anti-Racism in the Lab

Lab Heads Should Learn to Talk About Racism: here

Ten Simple Rules for Building an Anti-Racist Lab (Chaudhary, B.V. and Berhe, A. EcoEvoRxiv preprint): here

Ten Simple Rules for Building an Anti-Racist Lab: Q&A with the co-author: here

White Supremacy Culture in Organizations: here

White Coats, Black Scientists: What Scientists and Institutions Can Do to Address Change Longstanding Racial Biases: here 


Dismantle Collective’s Resources for White Allyship: here

Non-Black People of Color Need to Start Having Conversations About the Anti-Blackness in Our Communities: A Guide to Starting Anti-Racist Conversations With Friends and Family: here

Learn, Act, Partner-Racial Equity Here’s guide: here

Attention Men: How to Be an Ally: here

Decolonize Your Bookshelf: here

1000 Inspiring Black Scientists in America: here

Minority Tax and Majority Subsidy:

Cognitive Reserve and Racial Privilege in STEM: here

The Time Tax Put on Scientists of Color (Nature 2020): here

Underrepresented Faculty Play a Disproportionate Role in Advancing Diversity and Inclusion (Jimenez, M.F. et al. Nature Ecology and Evolution 2019): here

The Majority Subsidy (Ziegelstein, R.C. et al. Annals of Int. Medicine 2019): here

Addressing Disparities in Academic Medicine: What of the Minority Tax? (Rodríguez et al. BMC Medical Education 2015): here