Structural Biology DEI Committee Mission Statement

Our mission is to cultivate an environment of inclusion by identifying the barriers made by inequities and injustices so that we can instantiate meaningful change within our scientific community, Stanford University, and beyond.

Structural Biology Featured Scientist

Emilie Manning, Undergraduate Research Intern, Yonatan Winetraub Laboratory

Currently, I work with mouse brains and human skin tissue. For my work on skin, I focused on improving the quality of the virtual histology generated by Yonatan’s machine-learning model (OCT2Hist). I did this by improving the image quality of optical coherence tomography (OCT) images and experimenting with different image parameters. With improved images, we could better use the generated virtual histology images to segment the epidermis's shape in OCT images, which can give us diagnostic information. The goal is to leverage this model to diagnose diseases such as cancer (basal cell carcinoma) non-invasively.

With my work on mouse brains, I am creating a protocol to align the OCT scan of the brain with a histology image/section of the brain. The main goal is to create an OCT2Hist machine-learning model for the brain similar to what was made for skin.

I like crocheting (knitting with a hook) and sewing clothes. I attend the College of San Mateo and was part of the Community College Outreach Program (CCOP) at Stanford. CCOP was beneficial because it gave me exposure to people, skills, and opportunities for hands-on research that I wouldn't have had otherwise.

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