Trainees in the T32 Training Program

T32 predoctoral students in the Stanford Molecular Medicine program are collectively engaged in a broad range of translational research.

Our current T32 trainees are investigating stem cells in a wide range of tissues reflective of the diversity of our inter-departmental faculty. Projects range from understanding how skeletal stem cells function in bone development through applying CRISPR to perform gene-correction for monogenic blood diseases in patients.

Current T32 Trainees

Franco Felix
1st Year PhD Student

Nicole Horlsey
1st Year PhD Student

Lauren Koepke
1st Year PhD Student

Suyash Raj
1st Year PhD Student

Julie Sanchez
1st Year PhD Student

Maya Weigel
2nd Year PhD Student

Archana Shankar
2nd Year PhD Student

Hana Ghanim
2nd Year PhD Student

Jeremy Bjelejac
2nd Year PhD Student

Jessica Arozqueta Basurto
2nd Year PhD Student






Past T32 Trainees

  • Malachia Hoover in the Chan lab studying skeletal stem cells
  • Jonas Fowler in the Loh lab studying hematopoietic stem cells
  • Carolyn Dundes iin the Loh lab studying brain development
  • Carsten Charlesworth in the Nakauchi lab studying organogenesis
  • Courtney Stockman in the Nusse and Desai labs studying lung development
  • Siddharth Menon in the Longaker lab studying the role of skeletal stem cells in cranial suture development
  • Angela (Ziqi) Liu in the Oro lab studying studying skin development
  • Katarina Klett in the Heilshorn lab studying engineered materials for epithelial morphogenesis
  • Mallory Laboulaye in the Beachy lab studying the Hedgehog pathway
  • Ishan Kumar in the M. Wernig lab studying microglial cells in the brain
  • William Feist in the Porteus lab studying studying gene correction therapies
  • Allison Banuelos in the Weissman lab studying developmental hematopoiesis

T32 Alumni:

  • Pieter Andries Both recently completed his PhD in the Rando lab and is applying to medical school.