Irv Weissman, MD

Irv Weissman is the director of the institute.

Lorena Najarro

Lorena Najarro is a Student Services Officer.

Linda Quinn

LInda Quinn is administrator to Dr. Irv Weissman and the Weissman lab.

Amy Erickson

Amy Erickson is a Student Services Officer.

Ruth Obal

Ruth Obal is a Travel and Events Coordinator.



Diane Qin

Diane Qin is a Financial Analyst

Rosalind Ravasio

Rosalind Ravasio is the institute Director of Finance and Administration

Shota Homma

Shota Homma is assistant to Dr. Hiro Nakauchi

Ikuyo Lehmann

Ikuyo Lehmann is an accountant.

Mary Tsukamoto

Mary Tsukamoto is a Facilities Specialist.

Miguel Jimenez

Miguel Jimenez is a Financial Analyst.



Fintan Coleman

Fintan Coleman is a Grants Coordinator

Juliet Lee

Juliet Lee is the Finance Manager for the institute.

Christopher Vaughan

Christopher Vaughan is Communications Manager for the institute.

Margaret (Peggy) Cuadro

Peggy Cuadro is an administrative associate. She is assistant to Dr. Michael Clarke.


Catherine Carswell-Crumpton

Catherine Carswell Crumpton is manager of the FACS core.

Laura Dunkin-Hubby

Laura Dunkin-Hubby is an assistant to Dr. Phil Beachy