Dizzy Event Monitor

Dizziness can be a difficult condition to diagnose. As most episodes occur outside of the office, patients can appear normal when they finally get to see the physician. In a joint effort with Dr. Peter Santa Maria and the Otoinnovations lab, we have been working on the development of a wearable dizziness event monitor. We have been fortunate enough to have been awarded the Wu Tsai Neurosciences Award to continue our research, but are always in need of more support.

Vestibular Migraine Drug Trial

Vestibular migraine is a condition that causes spontaneous attacks of dizziness, imbalance and vertigo. They can have headaches, but half of the time there is no headache associated with the attacks. Medications can be used to help reduce severity and frequency of attacks. However, all of the medications used are borrowed from headache literature. We have the fortunate opportunity of developing a natural medication that may help reduce vestibular migraines. We will be launching a trial soon, so please stay tuned.

Survey testing for breadth of vestibular impact

Vestibular disorders are known for causing dizziness and imbalance. They are less appreciated for their significant impact on cognition, emotions and sense of self. We have teamed up with other academic medical centers to help gauge and characterize how these less recognized aspects of vestibular disorders affect patients.

Audiologic Research in Vestibular Testing

Audiologic tests of vestibular function have advanced considerably in the last decade, helping practitioners to more accurately assess inner ear function and how that affects brain perception and balance. We currently have multiple projects ongoing looking at the intricacies of testing in certain types of vestibular disorders.

Wearable Device for Balance

We have collaborated with other centers at Stanford for a clinical trial using a novel device to see if it helps treat balance disorders. Please contact us for more information to participate. 

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