Current Members

Creed Stary, MD, PHD

Principal Investigator

I am a clinical anesthesiologist and basic scientist. My goal is to develop new treatments to improve neurologic outcome following cerebral ischemia. Global cerebral ischemia, as occurs secondary to cardiac arrest, often results in profound cognitive disability secondary to hippocampal injury in survivors. Currently no pharmaceutical interventions exist to minimize injury and improve clinical outcomes. To overcome translational barriers, my focus is on non-coding RNAs, with potential to simultaneously target multiple related downstream gene pathways. MicroRNAs are endogenous, non-coding RNAs that modulate gene expression by silencing translation of target genes. My recent work demonstrates roles for several microRNAs in altering levels of injury and their therapeutic potential as drug targets in cerebral ischemia.

Yi-Bing Ouyang , PhD

Senior Research Scientist

I have more than 30 years research experience in cerebral ischemia research using in vitro cell culture models and in vivo rodent ischemic models. I have created animal models of cerebral ischemia and I helped adapt the forebrain ischemia model we currently employ in our laboratory for use in the proposed Aims. I have advanced expertise in gene therapy approaches, measuring cellular function in living cells, assessing pathological outcomes following in vitro ischemic stress, designing in vivo and in vitro experiments, and collecting and analyzing experimental data. 

Xiaoyun Sun, MD

Research Associate


Lijun Xu, MD

Research Associate, Lab Manager


Lab Alumni

Postdoctoral Scholars

Anand Rao, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar, 2017-2019

Oiva Arvola, MD, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar 2017-2019

Georgia Kaidonis, MD, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar 2017-2018

Qasim Alhadidi, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar 2018-2019

Jie Pan, MD

Postdoctoral Scholar 2017-2018

Yimeng Xia, MD

Postdoctoral Scholar 2017-2018

Le Li, MD, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar 2016-2017

Visiting Graduate Students

Name Program Year
Sean Tom Visiting Med Student 2018


Name Program Year
Ryan Buchanan Stanford BioX 2017
Bhavana Kunisetty Undergraduate Visiting Intern 2018
Iason-Alexander Pastroudis Undergraduate Visiting Intern 2018

High School Students

Name   Year
Anvee B.   2018-2019
Chaelee P.   2018-2019
Anees M.   2018-2019
Prisha D.   2018-2019
Heather C.   2019