Cohort Monitoring

Prospective research projects have a continual need of up-to-date data. Chart review has two features, one passive and one active, supporting prospective studies.

Unlike a dataset, which once created remains static over time, the Chart Review runs on a database that is updated every night with fresh data on the patients in your cohort. This means that you can revisit your chart review periodically to see data updates on patients in your cohort who are actively being seen at Stanford Medicine.

Passive Monitoring

Figure 1: Passive Cohort Monitoring. New clinical data if available is shown on your patients each time you log in

Active Monitoring

If you wish, when creating a new cohort you can tick the box "Automatically enroll patients matching your cohort criteria". Selecting this option enables active cohort monitoring: your cohort query will be periodically re-run, and if newly eligible patients are found, they will be added to the bottom of your list.

Figure 2: Active Cohort Monitoring. New patients if matching are added on the schedule you specify


If you select this option, you will be prompted for a frequency, which can be at most once a day. You are also prompted for the email addresses of those who should be notified if new patients are enrolled. To skip email notification, simply leave this list blank.